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creating art for over 30 years

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Creating art for over 30 years



Art is a journey

Well the years come and go so fast and time is short. As a part time artist I try and squeeze in my creativity around work. Due to this I have had to learn to be quick or get used to putting down my brush until the next time.

This can be an advantage as we know artists need to stand back and look at our work, to see it from a different angle. However it can also be frustrating when in the flow and you can't continue due to other demands. 

That said, for me art and creating is part of my makeup and I need to paint to fulfil that gift within. I also hope and believe it will enhance and bring pleasure as I share my work with you.

My journey began as a child so enjoying painting drawing, making. I followed my desire and gift through school in Stellenbosch and on to Graphic Design collage in Cape Town.


I was also interested in caring for people and became a nurses in Durban South Africa. Art became more of a hobby. I eventually due to situations I chose to go back to my creative instinct and worked at a Graphic Design studio in Durban for a number of years before having a family. 

Eventually as the children grew up I ventured into teaching art at a school and from home. I belonged to the Local Art Society and exhibited my work. Then a great move back to my birthplace England.

Here my husband and I formed a business and that has kept us busy for the last five years. I have been fortunate and able to fit in part time painting and creating which I love. I have joined and exhibited with a number of Art Societies and exhibited my work in local cafes. 

Art is a journey and so exciting to experiment and learn new ways of creating beautiful images of nature and people around me. I like to capture that almost unseen part of my subject and expressing the essence of what I see.

Featured artwork

Pear Suspended - £100

Size is 430mm x 534 mm with frame.

This is a framed behind glass original art work. Medium is acrylic and mixed media on watercolour paper. The sensual shape of a pear lends itself to pleasing design and composition. A touch of the Renaissance with deep shadows and rich colour. 


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Thin Title

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Prints Available 
Limited Edition

Poppies -320mm x 435mm

Poppies - 400mm x 600mm with 60mm mount / £35

Globe Series 5-Kingdom-A4 with 50mm mount

Globe Series-Kingdom - 21.5cm x 28.5cm - with 60 mm Mount /  £35

Wet Street In Paris - A4 with 40mm mount

Wet Street in Paris - A4 witt
40mm mount / £20

Globe Series 3 Cope - A4 with 50mm mount

Globe Series - Cope 21.5cm x 28.5cm- with 60mm mount / £35

Flowers Dancing - A4 with 40mm mount

Dancing Flowers - A4 with 40mm Mount / £20

Grounded - 21.5cm x 28.5cm with 60mm Mount

Grounded - 21.5cm x 28.5cm with 60mm Mount / £35

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